Friday, August 25, 2006

US Catholics not so wussy after all

GOP dips in religion poll - Yahoo! News

This snippet from the above report is interesting:

Bush got 78 percent of the white evangelical vote and 56 percent of the white Catholic vote in 2004, according to exit polls.

I kind of expected the Catholic vote to be significantly less than that for Bush in 2004. Certainly, the liberal side of the church is the one that gets all the publicity.

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Anonymous said...

Well, as Chesterton opined once, and Steyn continues, if the Liberal "wing" of the Catholic Church is the pro-abort, pro contraception, pro gay marriage, pro women priest's, pro Jesus as gay hemaprhodite wing, then their birth rate, you assume, ensures that they'll be a diminishing influence in the Catholic Church over time.

Fancy that.