Friday, June 06, 2008


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Film Reviews - Film - Entertainment

So, The Age gives us a review of Prince Caspian which is purely based on Philip Pullman-like ideological hatred of CS Lewis. Have a look at this line:
Sometimes critics are accused of reading sinister messages into works of harmless entertainment but that won't wash in the case of Lewis - a fierce polemicist who used fantasy as a platform to rail against everything he disliked in the modern world, including democracy, lipstick and progressive education.
I wouldn't mind betting that Wilson, the author of that "review", is a youngster atheist who has never read Lewis.

You can safely assume that Wilson is on his own planet here: both Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton gave it respectful reviews, and they are both liberal lefties who are uneasy about Christian stuff. (Oh, while you are at At the Movies, you should read the conflicting reviews of Sex and the City. It's pretty funny.)

I'll be off to see this weekend. Then I should go wave protest placards in front of Sex and the City.

Tim Train: I expect you to attend this weekend too. And you had better like it!


TimT said...

No can do, Steve. My parents and little brother are up for the long weekend, and I'll be giving them fun and exciting adventures for the next few days. I'm pencilling it in my diary straight after that, though.

Steve said...

Oh. You are officially excused. Maybe on Tuesday night cheap movies, then. :)