Thursday, November 28, 2013

Biology is getting weird

Study shows moms may pass effects of stress to offspring via vaginal bacteria and placenta

I had a post up recently about how vaginal birth set up babies for the gut bacteria they need.  This study suggests that the bacteria affects the brain development as well. 

I presume someone has looked at the issue of increased rates of caesarian birth in Western countries and the rise in autism or other brain development conditions?

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John said...

Not weird at all Steve. It is evolution that is weird, and genetics for that matter, some findings of the last two months is turning everything upside down. The reason gut flora can impact on behaviour is because gut flora are key modulators of immune function and what many people, including doctors, do not appreciate is that immunological function can have very important consequences for behaviour. David Horribin et al highlighted this in a seminal 1999 paper.