Friday, February 07, 2014

Weight loss, hooray

I find this hard to credit, but I started the 5:2 diet thing with my first "fast" day Tuesday last week.  (I do Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I completed my 4th fast day yesterday.)  Weight loss seems to definitely be over 2 kg, as I started on 89.something (I think it .5 or above, as the rapidly approaching 90 kg line is what finally convinced me I have to stop putting on weight.  But I didn't write it down.)   This morning:  87.1, after breakfast.

I have taken no exercise of note in the period.

A weight of 83.5 would get me into a BMI a shade under 25.   (I am currently 26).  My wife tells me I was 82kg when we married, although I honestly can't remember.

82 or 83 probably sounds a reasonable goal, and then I might watch what happens if I only do one day a week on 600 cal (as Michael Mosley says he found that was all that was necessary after taking off the weight.) 

This does seem a very impressive way to lose weight...


Anonymous said...

Just out of interest - and all jokes aside - what did you eat on the 600 calorie days?

Steve said...

Boiled egg and half tomato on two rice cake things and black coffee;

Lunch: 70 cal corn wrap with small can of baked beans at lunch with can of diet coke

dinner: salad with about 80g lettuce, celery, half tomato, a few mushrooms and about 75g of lean thin steak sliced up (and 20ml of fat free dressing) Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that doesn't seem too bad at all. Thanks.