Thursday, April 24, 2014

The amazing, poisonous hypocrisy of the current Right wing tribalism

This article at Slate ("Conservative Tribalism") gives an account of some of the issues in American which the Right used to support, but about which they have done an about face for no apparent reason other than  Liberals (and Obama in particular) support them.   (The biggest example - the health care reforms that were good enough for Romney when he was governor, but are now supposed to be socialist extremism - turns out to be only one of many examples.)

And for a bit of humour, the ridiculous hypocrisy of Fox News on the Bundy confrontation was skewered perfectly by Jon Stewart recently.  You can watch it via Salon.

When will enough on the Right in America come back to common sense and send the Tea Party and their rich enablers packing?


Anonymous said...

This article's one eyed nature infuriated me.

BOTH sides of sociopolitics are tribal at the moment, both here and in the US. BOTH indulge in a righter (or lefter) than thou, "if you're not with us you're against us" attitude. BOTH sides will forgive any member, no matter how vulgar and despicable, if they mouth the correct platitudes and echo the correct opinions (and a big hi to Chris Kenny, Van Badham, Lachlan Harris and plenty of others at this point!)

Only a partisan hack would be unable, or unwilling, to notice this. A partisan hack like Jamelle Bouie, apparently.

Steve said...

Your generic complaint seems to be about the rhetoric of the Left and Right, whereas the article listed specific policies on which the US Right (or figures within) have had completely reversed their position.

Care to list examples of where the Left has done the same?