Monday, November 24, 2014

Henry's rubbery figure?

Henry Ergas lines up for duty for some Obama /clean energy bashing in today's Australian, but what caught my eye was this line:
But it works a treat with the billionaires Obama courts, who helped the Democrats outspend the Republicans by some 35 per cent in last month’s elections.
Really?  When I Google the question (with, for example:  "did Republicans outspend Democrats in midterm elections" - because, I guess, most people would assume Republicans did)  I can't see any article that talks about a 35% outspend by Democrats.  In fact, nearly every article quotes the Centre for Responsive Politic's estimates that Republicans slightly outspent Democrats.   Even the Washington Times, a paper with (I think) even less credibility for objectivity than the Australian, if that's possible.

Even Googling using the 35% figure, I can't find any reference quickly.

It's clear that "dark money" donations in the US are hard to track, but even so, I just can't see anyone estimating that 35% Democrat outspend figure.

So it would good to know where Ergas gets this figure from.   Fox News?  Breitbart?  You know, the reliable sources...


Not Trampis said...

Henry's nose daily.

I caught him out a number of times where what he states is wrong.

Anonymous said...


So because you aren't able to track the info, it must be wrong? Is that what you mean?

Steve said...

I would have thought the use of a question mark in the post heading answers your question, anon.

Because it's Ergas, it must be right? Is that what you mean?

Dave C said...

Ergas has a direct line to Abbott's suppository, which seems to be where most of his wisdom comes from.

He is a total irrelevance.