Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Important free movie alert! (not really)

I mentioned here months ago that I had bought the Chromecast dongle, but after an initial burst of trying it out, I hadn't gone back to it until last Sunday.  Here's what I discovered:

*  ABC's iview service does hook up to it, as they said it would.  But picture quality on a large screen TV, as you might have suspected from watching it on a tablet, is not good.  (I didn't experiment with the screen format size though - that may make it better.)

*   I don't think the SBS on demand service works with it yet.

*   Movies and shows from the Crackle app seem to play extremely well through it, with good quality.  It's a pity that new material seems to get added there very rarely.

And now for the really important news:

Mothra is available through Crackle!!

Yes, the movie I will always remember as the anti-exploitation exploitation film looks great.  I didn't realise it was in colour and wide screen - I had only ever seen it on a black and white TV in the 1960's.   It actually looks relatively expensive for its day, and Japanese movie production values in 1962 were much higher than I realised.  

I haven't finished watching it yet, but just knowing it's there gives pleases me.

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