Friday, November 28, 2014

Moving right along...

Andrew Bolt is now giving detailed suggestions for an Abbott government reshuffle?   How amusing. 

It's all rather hopeless, though.  Malcolm Turnbull has had to trash his reputation to try to show loyalty; if he was honest about how crook he really thinks several government policies are, he'll be chased out of the party room with pitchforks.   I rank everyone else in this way:

Hockey:  who knew he was a man with fear of windmills from 10 km away, who is such a numbskull on climate change that he denies it could ever have an adverse economic impact?  He (like the whole government really) is caught legs astride the barbed wire fence of agreeing with sensible economists that it's not a great idea to kill government spending too quickly, while simultaneously trying to run the "but government spending is going to kill us!" line.  The same fence straddling attempt on climate change is also clear - it's killing the government's credibility.

Hunt:  hopeless, unappealing defender of a bad policy for purely political reasons.

Morrison:  arrogant, quasi-fascist supported by an aggro ugly team of public servants who should be the first to go when Labor regains government.

Johnston:  Angry man prone to saying stupid things under pressure.  Fits in perfectly with this government!

Dutton:  barely appears alive.

Robb:  apparently an engaging character in person; not a glum robot as he appears on the media.    Despite rising above his health issues, not to be forgiven for killing off Malcom Turnbull and giving us this hopeless Prime Minister.

Bishop, B:  the most embarrassing Speaker I can ever recall, with no authority and the nation can see it.  Also unable to be replaced without massive embarrassment to Abbott.  A continuing sore that will last until she decides to go. Stick in there, Bronnie!

Bishop, J:  a relative success at Foreign Affairs, but if Alexander Downer can be, it can't be that hard for any rich lawyer used to schmoozing with people over cocktails, can it?  Likely to be a failure in any other role.

Brandis:  a man long unpopular with many in his own party, is what I heard years and years ago.  A particularly unappealing demeanour to the public.   Must be retained.

Abetz:   unappealing, arrogant, goose like presentation to the public.  Must be retained.

Further assessments as they come to mind.


Not Trampis said...

That idiot doesn't remember Bishop was shadow treasurer and was so poor she had to be replaced.

What a goose.

Dave C said...

I reckon Bronnie was given the job of speaker because she is actually hated by all of the Libs but Pyne, and this was a chance to let her make an even greater fool of herself and become hated by even more people.
The strategy appears to be working.

Also, is there ant truth in the rumour that Uncle Otto's nephew Eric Does the Dalek voice-overs for Dr Who?