Friday, November 21, 2014

Something in the water at RMIT?

I see that RMIT has on staff yet another economist with ties to the IPA, who has written an economic analysis of cuts to the ABC which is rather pointless, fanciful and will convince no one other than Rupert Murdoch. 

Along with Sinclair Davidson ("inequality? - Ha! you'd have to be a communist to be against it"*) and the absolutely rabidly Obama hating, climate change is just a Leftie religion, Say's Law obsessive, author of the only economics book that gets things right, Steve Kates, RMIT seems to be the Australian centre of Right wing economic extremism and eccentricity.   Doesn't that have an effect on the number of students who want to go there?

* only a slight paraphrase of what I take his attitude to be.

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Not Trampis said...

you would not want to be a student. Davidson says the mist contractionary budget is expansionary and claims that treasury forecast of The ETS boosting the CPI of .75 pp was under-estimated when it turned out to be around op.25 pp.

Kates meanwhile shows his madness by claiming any deficit spending is expansionary and says Europe was using stimulatory Keynesian spending not to mention his his articles on Obama which borders on parody.

They never mark their beliefs to mark there!