Saturday, December 06, 2014

Intellectual powerhouse

Anything But with Tim Wilson - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I would have thought being a superhero called Selfie Man would have been more his style, but no, Tim Wilson goes with the classics:

If you were to be an action hero, which one would you like to be?

I think I'm going to have to go Batman, but not like Christian Bale,
├╝ber-cool Batman, much more 1960s, soul, Adam West Batman. You know, a
little bit camp, prepared to go out there and fight for a good cause,
and occasionally enjoy a good outfit from time to time. Though I don't
slip into the Batsuit. The equivalent I've got, you know, from looking
at today, is a grey suit with a green checked shirt and a blue and green
dot tie, but you have to take these things a little bit seriously if
you want to live your life and achieve things, so the outfit makes sense
as well. But you can't discount the campness factor behind Adam West's
Batman, because it's important to have almost a cartoonish approach
where every time you're achieving some objective it's sort of a "Pow" or
a "Gazump" as part of the process.
 Look, I already thought Timbo was an intellectual lightweight with a chronic interest in self promotion, but there are so many, many other passages in this ill considered interview that help confirm my assessment of him, I can't be bothered repeating them...


Dave C said...

My main problem with Wilson is that he originally said his plum position should be abolished until Brandis offered it to him at $350k PA.

And then he prattles on about budget savings.

Well, Timmy, me old gay mate who would be in jail now for sodomy without the work of the left, quit the job and save us a big pile of money.

And BTW, are you still getting a quid from the IPA, and how much tax do you avoid?

And, Steve,
Did you know that the IPA is classed as a scientific research body so that donors can claim donations against their tax bill?

As somebody once said (and I'm fucked if I can remember his name), "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark".

Anonymous said...

Hi steve

Out of curiosity could you please explain your header says you lean conservative, but all your opinions and supporting citations are from far left media.

If you choose not to respond, trust me, your dirty little secret is safe with me.

Steve said...

"Far left media" is actually "centrist" media for the most part.

The problem is not so much that I have moved Left, but that much of the the Right has become ideologically fixated such that it cares little about evidence, scientific or economic. It has also become rather ugly on matters of race and feminism.

The Left has become more centrist, and by and large, now has taken over the sensible grounds that the American Right (with its pernicous influence on the Australian Right) has abandoned. Culturally, I'm not on board with all things "left", but politically it is currently obviously preferable until the Right comes to its senses again.

This has been explained previously at this place....

Anonymous said...


Don't you think there's a possibility you've moved to the far left and consider sewers like the Guardian to be centrist?

What conservatives views do you still hold. Name some.. social and economics.

TimT said...

I find that quote from Wilson quite amusing, even endearing!

Steve said...

Do not support gay marriage.

Do not agree with IVF and playing around with human embryos.

Especially against gay couples making their own babies by hook or by crook.

Certainly agree with commercial surrogacy bans.

All other science deserves strong support of government (that used to be a conservative attitude, I think - before the Right went stoopid and just wants to spend money on the military.)

Consider it was a social mistake for countries to recognise de facto relationships for benefits purposes. Governments should be tougher minded about policies that encourage marriage and discourage single motherhood.

Remote aboriginal communities with no economic activity near them actually need encouragement to move - they will never "work" as a decent place to live with adequate services without a local economy being nearby, or being large enough to generate their own economy.

Teaching aboriginal kids in their own language - a very dubious proposition.

All of these views have appeared here over the years...

Steve said...

You're easily "endeared", Tim...

Steve said...

By the way, where is the "freedom Commissioner's" comments on the Morrison unprecedented centralisation of discretionary power to affect the liberty of those at sea?

TimT said...

Come on, it's hilarious, and anyway, if it's a stupid answer, the question was stupid!

Mebbe we should ask him what his views are on the latest Morrisson manouevres. Or is it something someone else in the HR commission is covering?

Anonymous said...


What you gave me was a treatise on some of your conservative social views. I was expecting at some defence of your far left economic views.

Steve said...

"Far left economic views"? Who is this anonymous: Steve Kates?

Tim: you are overlooking the purity of my disdain for Tim Wilson. I don't want to sully that...

John said...

Tim Wilson personifies the hypocrisy of those who rant on about big government. Happy to whinge happier to take govt money. I used to like Wilson but when he took this role I realised he was just another hypocrite. Wilson obviously wants to be a public intellectual. He has the skills for that but he lacks the guts to become that through sheer hard work; instead he takes a cushy job where he does bugger all and spruik off occasionally. Useless leaner.

Anonymous said...

So John, according to a genius like you, anyone who opposes big government should never take an appointment.... Only disgusting hypocritccalslugs like Gillain Triggs should hold those places. Piss off, you moron. Stick your head in a toilet and flush it down.

Not Trampis said...

biting repartee

John said...

So then Anonymous you have no problem with people burning carbon to attend climate talks?

If Wilson took a government job that did something other than blather about freedom, something useful like reducing red tape or arresting bad guys, no problem, but $300,000 PA to blather about freedom is just a job for the boy. You know that. Big influence he has had, 18C retained, governments not releasing reports but passing legislation to know more and more about us. Oh yes a striking success this Freedom Commissioner.

Show me evidence that his role has had a measurable impact on Australia.

Not me giving that advice rather Stanley Rosen, former Prof of Philosophy at Harvard, closing para to The Limits of Analysis:

The positive task of the philosopher is to fecundate his analytical skills with dreams, and to discipline his dreams with analysis. ... There are no rules and regulations for being reasonable, and certainly no rules and regulations for dreaming reasonable dreams. In philosophy, as perhaps in everything else, one communicates best his deepest dreams by enacting them.