Monday, December 22, 2014

Maybe I should change hangover medicine this holiday season

Ibuprofen boosts some organisms’ life spans | Science/AAAS | News

I like the warning given at the end of the report:
 So far, researchers haven’t shown that any drug extends human life span.
To folks who are impatient, Miller cautions against extrapolating the
study’s results, especially because the side effects of long-term
ibuprofen use can include fatal stomach bleeding. “I think any person
who says, ‘Anything that works in yeast is something I want to take,’ is
asking for trouble.”

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John said...

Ibuprofen is a non-selective cox inhibitor. The cox to aim at is cox 2, which is a rate limiting enzyme for NFkB activation, that transcription factor plays a cardinal role in inflammation, which is a problem with aging. It does appear that our innate immune system goes awry with age, as inflammation with aging is primarily related to the innate immune response there is the clear suggestion that modifying this inflammatory pathway is a very important component in preventing age related chronic health conditions.