Monday, December 01, 2014

What was I saying about Scott Morrison?

Scott Morrison wants to snatch courts’ powers over immigration and citizenship | The Saturday Paper

"Quasi fascist" wasn't it?   From an article in this weekend's Saturday Paper:
Morrison is pursuing what immigration lawyers describe as a
“legislative blitzkrieg” via three bills that would dramatically extend
the minister’s powers and curtail review of his decisions.

Each piece of legislation on its own is a significant extension of
ministerial power. Taken together, they represent a tough new regime, as
the minister who credits himself with stopping the boats now applies
his unyielding approach to other facets of his portfolio.

Morrison spells out why his decisions should be beyond reproach and
exempt from the standard review processes in the explanatory memorandum
of the Australian Citizenship and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.

“As an elected Member of Parliament, the Minister represents the
Australian community and has a particular insight into Australian
community standards and values and what is in Australia’s public
interest,” it says. “As such, it is not appropriate for an unelected
administrative tribunal to review such a personal decision of a Minister
on the basis of merit, when that decision is made in the public

In other words: trust him, he’s the minister.

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