Friday, January 30, 2015

Good work Waleed

The PM's woes started earlier than you think

Truth be told, I think lots of journalists have been telling this exact same story over the last 12 months, but Waleed does sum it up all rather well.

Update:  well I barely got that out, and I see that Twitter is bent over in stitches because Tony Abbott has apparently just said that Turnbull and Bishop are excelling because "they have a good captain".  

On current indications, his press club performance on Monday will, one suspects, likely see him out of the job....


Not Trampis said...

I agree with both elder and The Piping Shrike.

The major problem is if you get rid of Abbott who will replace him?

There is no-one. Bishop, Turnbull nah. Morrison inexperienced and is in dead end ministry now. 'Stopping the boats was a vote winner wasn't it!
Hockey? Possibly the worst occupant in the Treasurer's office we have seen.

Steve said...

You're forgetting Chris Pyne, Homer.