Friday, February 06, 2015

A spill motion, hurrah!

I understand a Newspoll - the first since the disastrous (and hilarious) Prince Phil knighthood decision of our glorious PM - is due out Tuesday.

Rarely will a Newspoll have had such powerful influence on the future of a leadership.

If Turnbull is installed (and I'm not counting on it, given half of the Coalition's bizarre nonsense fixation on his not toeing the line of the science team of Bolt/Jones/Monckton/IPA on climate change) it's amazing to contemplate the number of dud cabinet performers who should face the axe too.

I really don't recall a government so full of annoying, low talent, ministers.


Dave C said...

Not to mention nasty, spiteful ones.

John said...

Caught me by surprise. They've surpassed the Labor Party, which was relentlessly attacked for one lie and now this.

I can't see Turnbull getting up. I think the coalition still don't get it: it is the message more than the messenger. Ironically Turnbull has a better message but it will never see the light of day in this term.