Friday, February 13, 2015

Excuse me while I have a fantasy

So, Abbott has dumped Philip Ruddock, and some Liberals are not impressed.

Is anyone running a book on how long Abbott has got left?   I mean, I would have guessed a few months; but after this week, I'm looking more at weeks I can count on one hand.  Days I can count on hands and feet.  You get the idea...

But I'm a bit impatient for this.   Can't we try a bit of Thai or Fijian style change of government for the good of the country?   I mean, Angus Houston is getting a knighthood, and seems a very restrained and well liked fellow on all sides of politics.   Who would really complain if he convinced the Governor General, who I am sure he knows well, to let him lead a delegation of soldiers to imprison Abbott until we can have an election.  It would be doing Abbott a favour, really; earning him more public sympathy for the way he lost the job than what he is going to get by waiting for the MPs to attack again.

Pity Canberra doesn't have something like a Tower of London for such purposes.

Wait - I know - lock him up inside the National Carillon.  It's on a island, although escape from it would hardly be the same as from Alcatraz.  Look - there is plenty of room inside - there is even a function room on the top with a kitchen.  (! - I had no idea.)   No sign of a toilet that I can see, however.  He can tip a bucket over the side.

Here is an illustration:

See - you get to enter into a Steve-grade fantasy, but still learn something in the process!

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