Monday, February 02, 2015

Fear of sustainability

Over at Catallaxy, there's a post up showing a bunch of IPA "we hate tax - all tax" types having a recent love in about why the Victorian Liberals lost their recent State election.

It goes on for a tedious 2 hours, but I skimmed through it, and apart from noting that Christian Kerr is now physically unrecognizable (he really needs to look into the 5-2 diet, but if it's due to some illness or other, my apologies in advance) I was particularly interested to hear what John Roskam had a whine about.

One thing that caught my attention was his complaint that the State governments all signed up to the National school curriculum with its emphasis on "sustainability".  I think he might have even called this "frightening" - but I stand to be corrected.

I don't know.   If he actually read more than Monckton, Andrew Bolt and Ridley on climate change and the environment, he might have noticed that there is presently much concern that deforestation in Brazil is making a large contribution to a severe drought that is about to leave no water, and little electricity, to an city of 11 million people (and 20 million in the region.)   Now that is frightening...

Perhaps he should go to Sao Paulo and talk to them about the ridiculousness of sustainability...

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