Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday history

Here are a few fun history links via Beachcomber's blog:

*  a summary of Edwardian "sexual codes" - amongst the aristocracy, at least.

*  some photos of Victorian era child prisoners.   Photos make history seem not so foreign, don't they; especially colour photos.  Not that these are colour, but I thought I would make that point again after seeing this photo that has been doing the rounds of the blogosphere. Back to the underage criminals: I like this explanation of why good kids went bad:
Ms Rees said: 'The slightly more middle class of the group were 13-year-old Michael Clement Fisher and Henry Leonard Stephenson, who was 12. They were choir boys from St Mary's Church and said to be of respectable parents.

'But they still broke into three houses, stole a violin case, a ring, coins and other articles. All stolen property was returned.'
In a newspaper article at the time of the crime in 1873, it was suggested the boys had thought they were doing 'heroic, manly acts' after reading the 'wrong books' on people like Jack Sheppard, a notorious 18th century highway man.
* An odd story about Nazi "spies" preparing for a air landing in Norfolk before World War 2.  It is from The Mirror, so I hope it's true.  Actually, it sounds vaguely familiar to me, although the article says this is a completely new discovery. 

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