Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If you ask me...

*  The Abbott and Hockey interviews over the last 2 nights of 7.30 have both shown nothing has changed, and they are both incompetent sloganeers with no substance and need to be replaced.

*  The submarine issue is a running sore and a matter of potential great embarrassment to this government.   Even the Japan Times is reporting that some officials there  seemed to think they had a deal (sealed by a handshake?) which Abbott is now backing away from.   Would be amazing to think if Abbott was making deals on the quiet like this - would put the Rudd NBN plan on a napkin to shame (given that the NBN at least involved work for lots of Australians.)

*  Oh look.  The LDP had its conference on the weekend, and it looks like every voter who actually intentionally voted for David Leyonhjelm was in attendance:

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