Friday, February 06, 2015

Isn't it pathetic...

Andrew Bolt is in panic mode, drumming up the anti-Turnbull forces all because Turnbull believes in climate change and thinks "Direct Action" is an economic crock.    Alan Jones apparently came out in support of Abbott this morning, and I can guess this would be part of the reason for him too.   And the dynamic Warren Truss is warbling on about how Turnbull would have to promise the Nationals that he won't introduce an ETS.

As I wrote recently at John Quiggin's:  this is exactly what's wrong with the Coalition since the year Abbott got the leadership - they are basing all decisions on a matter of non-scientific nonsense - that climate change isn't real and/or deserves no response, and anyone who believes otherwise must be out to destroy the country economically.  

Until the Coalition is purged of the large faction of climate change deniers, this split in the party renders them incapable of presenting a sensible unified approach to not just climate change, but economics generally.

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Dave C said...

Had a look at the link and it was like a nightmare.
Without even attempting to read the article I was assaulted by the pics of the following numpties:

Kroger, aka Mr Albrechtsen
Truss (did you know that a Warren truss is a type of bridge? maybe we should call him athletic truss, or jock strap to be more matey)
Abbott, again!

Jeez, mate, I need another beer!