Monday, February 02, 2015

Friendly fire

It's hard to keep tally of who on the Right is supporting Abbott and who isn't.

Andrew Bolt is having a bet each way, and I'm not sure that he has weighed in on the Peta problem.

Greg Sheridan, who Fairfax reported was offered a job by old pal Abbott, is still supporting Abbott but telling him he has to throw Peta under the bus.

Amanda Vanstone, like the rest of the nation, puzzles about what goes on in the labyrinth mind of Tony, and says with more subtlety than Sheridan that he:
...needs to fix whatever it is that makes relations with his office fractious. That is nobody's responsibility but his.
It seems that, despite Rupert's intervention being an incentive for Abbott not to do something about Peta, everyone who sympathises with him still thinks he really has to do something about her...

Update:  That's odd:  looks like the Abbott lunchtime speech  has had at least large chunks leaked to Michelle Grattan.  So he's giving up on his PPL scheme that no one wants, but indicates more money will go into supporting childcare.  That'll make the "spend less, tax less" people of Catallaxy grind their teeth, I expect. 

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