Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Planetary heating continues

A Fresh Look at the Watery Side of Earth's Climate Shows 'Unabated Planetary Warming' - NYTimes.com

There is a new study at Nature Climate Change that appears to offer strong confirmation that the "missing heat" from CO2 is going into the deep ocean, based on the latest Argo measurements.

There is an article about it at The Conversation, but a more detailed discussion appears at the above link at  Andrew Revkin's blog (which, I must admit, I forget to check often lately.)

The issue of deep ocean heat absorption might make surface temperature increase slower than current models indicate, but when you look at the graphs for surface increases since the middle of last century, surely anyone sensible would have to say that it looks fanciful to suggest that suddenly, all further heat is going to start disappearing down that sinkhole, never to bother us again for centuries.  

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