Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thanks for coming in, Malcolm..

I agree with Michelle Grattan (as does every other sensible person in the country):  Malcolm Turnbull's job application interview last night went pretty well.

Andrew Bolt is spitting chips, of course. Tim Blair hates him too, and sees something that I can't say is all that obvious except to Tim. 

This is all about da climate change:  that is all it is about.


Not Trampis said...

what occurred last night?

Anonymous said...

He was on Q&A, sounding about 10 times smarter and humane than Tony Abbott.


Anonymous said...

that knucklehead Bolta needs to get a grip if he thinks Mal is stabbing the PM in the back just because he can open his mouth without sounding like a drooling idiot. Most first graders with a 2 digit IQ can show up our PM


Not Trampis said...

The revolt against Abbott did not come from Turnbull at all.

Watching Q& A. What did you do wrong?