Sunday, March 08, 2015

Dream combinations

So, I was at the doctor's on Friday; yesterday both prawns and wine did come up in conversation with my wife; and last night I noticed a video on line that was something to do with a comic book store, but I didn't watch it.

I suppose that's why I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was in a doctor's surgery, and he had all these comic books laid out on the floor, while also mentioning that he sold wine - made from "air prawns".  In fact, everything he sold was made from "air prawns".  I said something about air prawns being related to silverfish (one of which, incidentally, had been spotted and killed in the house sometime in the last week.)  The dream then got into some protracted nonsense about removing a build up of ear wax, but the details are sketchy now.

Soon after I woke up, and while using the tablet in bed, I noticed a silverfish stationary on the wall beside the bed.  (It is now an ex silverfish.)

Look, it's not exactly up there with Jung's scarab story, and synchronicity related to insects is easier if you haven't put down any surface spray in the house for a while;  but I'm still not sure why my jumble box brain came up with "air prawn"...  

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