Friday, April 17, 2015

A scandalous use of Commonwealth money

Abbott government gives $4m to help climate contrarian set up Australian centre | Environment | The Guardian

Lomborg has next to no credibility amongst climate change scientists and policy analysts who take climate change seriously.

And all you really need to know is this:
The Institute of Public Affairs responded to Lomborg’s new Australian operation by saying, “Bjørn, it’s great to have you!”


Not Trampis said...

come off it Steve,
They are confirming their true colours.

When El Nino hits they are going to look very stupid

John said...

Another propaganda exercise. His previous work was demolished.

TimT said...

Seems to be just another day in the life of The Most Politicised Science In The World.

As I understand it the centre doesn't deal with climate science, just looks at environmental problems in general and subjects them to stuff like cost benefit analyses.

Seems like a worthwhile venture to me.