Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cheese hackers

Interesting to read that some DIY work is being done by science/computer nerds on fiddling with DNA in yeast to get it to make milk, and thereafter Real Vegan Cheese.

Seems much more plausible to me than lab grown meat ever being particularly tasty, or texturally as good as, or economically viable compared to,  the real thing from a cow.

The only environmental concern, I suppose, would be if there was ever a chance that escaped milk producing yeast could interfere with the alcohol producing "natural" variety used in wine and beer making.  A great scientific dystopia it would be if in a 1,000 years beer brewing had to be abandoned because it kept going half milky! 


TimT said...

Welcome to the wide wonderful world of beer and wine infections.

There's ones that'll turn the beer ropey, and others that will turn it soapy. There's goaty flavours, apple flavours, stuff that turns the beer cloudy or ropey.... pretty sure 'milky' is already up there.

I'll believe this vegan milk when I taste it; given that milk is such a variable product anyway (if you don't let the processors do too much to it) I doubt a lab-produced variety would be very good/interesting for cheesemaking.

TimT said...

(Hang on was this a post intended to get my comment????) ;)