Friday, April 17, 2015

The three reasons the new Star Wars trailer is creating buzz (to put it mildly)

1.  the music
2.  the fact that when on the ground, it doesn't look like one or two real people acting in front of a gigantic green screen (which is what made the prequels and the LOTR movies uninvolving - that and the fact George Lucas can't write a good screenplay to save himself and I am completely uninterested in Tolkien-lore)
3.  Harrison Ford looks better than expected as a aged Han Solo


Paul Montgomery said...

I think you're being a bit uncharitable. My reasons for being buzzed:

2. The set design - the star destroyer hulk in the desert, the (exogorth?) jaws ringing the exhaust, fleshing out the post-Empire world in pleasingly authentic fashion.
3. The words "Chewie... we're home" send a shiver up the spine of every fan, it's a promise that they won't stuff this one up (yet to be delivered upon of course).

Steve said...

My enthusiasm for the film is tempered by the fact that I don't hold JJ Abrams in much regard as a director. I have complained for years that his cinema work looks like TV work - he fills the screen with way too many face close ups in every one I have seen. He's not exactly a outright bad director - his work doesn't offend me as such - he's just a mundane one who I think is way overrated. He seems a nice enough fellow in interviews, though.