Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Avengers backlash stronger than I thought

Who is this Jason Wilson who writes at the Guardian, and why does he look sort of like an aging daggy hipster but without the beard?

Anyhow, he spends a lot of time complaining about the Marvel franchise in light of Age of Ultron, which saves me doing it.   (Well, not that I can do it well, seeing I am not going to see it.)

Elsewhere, I see that a conservative Catholic priest complains about the movie in a post with the title ''The Avengers'' and Friedrich Nietzsche".

That said, I'd still see a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel if it gets good reviews.

Update:  and still it comes!  I had missed the iO9 "Hater's Guide to Avengers: Age of Ultron".   The lameness of the (apparently) recurring glowy cubes is dealt with here:
Nearly every Marvel movie has had one of these f**king glowy cubes or gems or eggs or whatever, and they’ve all contained an Infinity Gem, which means quite a bit to longtime comic readers, but I have to guess next to nothing to anyone else beyond, “Jesus why are all these movies about cosmic jelly beans?” Anyway, lots of Infinity Gems, and we’re going to get a whole TWO PART space-Avengers movie, and it will probably be cool, but if you follow the logic of the after-credits scene with Thanos saying he’ll just go do it himself ... what the f**k has he been doing? This guy has just been sitting on a space rock for like four movies now sending other, clearly incompetent dipshits around to zero effect! The guy in Guardians of the Galaxy even told him to eat shit once he got an Infinity Gem, and Thanos didn’t do shit about it! Is Thanos even going to be that hard to fight? Like, how does he do cardio on that lil asteriod? Thor in 8.
The only surprise to me is that it has taken this long for people to realise that comic book superhero stories just aren't that good.

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