Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Good TV

Two great shows on the ABC last night:

Foreign Correspondent visited King George Island, at the northern top of Antarctica, and which has several national research bases.  (I had posted a photo of its "what's that doing here?" Russian Orthodox church a few years ago.)   Eric Campbell spoke to scientists, all concerned about climate change and the clear melting it is causing in that part of Antarctica, and talked about the international co-operation in that part of the world.   A fascinating show all around.

*  Griff Rhys Jones is making his way through Africa - by train.  (! Didn't realise there were many trains to try there.)  Last night's show, up on iView for now at least, had him starting in Morroco and making his way to the east, while having to cross disputed borders by jumping back to Europe. (! again.)

Travel shows rarely visit Northern Africa, apart from Marrakesh perhaps, so it was a great surprise to learn that the French had built some pretty fancy train lines and stations, and much of the countryside of in that part of the world looked pretty attractive.

The city of Fez in Morocco looked fascinating, but the biggest surprise was the remarkable appearance of the city of Constantine (in Algeria), built around a huge gorge.  As this article says, it may be the most beautiful city you've never heard of.  Pity the show didn't spend more time there...

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