Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That's weird...then the explanation found

I was scanning the largely unfavourable review of Tomorrowland at Variety, and then had a look at the comment thread.   Dominated by complete wingnuts: 
Clooney is generally one of the most over-hyped faces out of the lala land that is Hollywood. Wouldn’t waste my money. Tomorrowland will be free on Comcast soon enough…

I’ll never know….Clooney does not get any of my hard earned money no matter how good the show is.

Anything that the Liberal Loon Clooney stars in, is not worth seeing – Total trash!!

I knew the movie was crap as soon as I saw the calving glacier. This is just another shrill eco-whackjob movie with “stupid” as a plot and “even dumber” for dialogue. Only someone who wants their kids indoctrinated into the whacko Leftist theology of environmentalism is going to pay to let their kids see this propagandized drivel.

 Purge is coming says:
More pop psy liberal propaganda. Poor baby boomers. The world no longer wants you smelly hippies in the command chair.
Now who knew that American Tea Party nutters with their hatred for George Clooney would be big readers of Variety?  

I had to get down the thread a fair way to find the explanation:  

As suspected, it's a case of sending out the flying monkeys.

I expect a comment by avid Drudge reader Steve Kates might turn up there soon...


Anonymous said...

and I understand the references to it being Randian also make sense because it involves a bunch of gifted technologists fleeing the current world to build their own which is sort of the premise of Atlas Shrugged. so sorry to ruin it for you steve, guess you won't watch it now


Not Trampis said...

complete bollocks Jason.

I enjoyed the Fountainhead with Gary cooper and Patricia Neal.

You do not have to swallow the message to enjoy a movie

Steve said...

You underestimate the power of a mancrush on George Clooney, Jason...

By the way, I just went looking for some Ayn Rand quotes on environmentalism, and came up with this one:

"The immediate goal is obvious: the destruction of the remnants of capitalism in today’s mixed economy, and the establishment of a global dictatorship. This goal does not have to be inferred—many speeches and books on the subject state explicitly that the ecological crusade is a means to that end."

Heh. Why does it not surprise me that the anti climate change world government conspiracy can be traced back to that nutter, who libertarian Republicans still cite as inspirational?

Steve said...

I'm also guessing that Tomorrowland doesn't feature said technocrats noting that a bunch of people who just died in a train crash were moochers who had it coming to them.