Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Anthony Watts and his big mouth

HotWhopper: The perversity of deniers - and the "pause" that never was with Tom Peterson

I've said for years that Anthony Watts is a twit who craves approval and respect yet can't understand why he doesn't get it when:

a.  his own pet project comes up a dud (his years' long campaign to show that poor siting of thermometers was behind the increase in temperatures in all long term records) and
b. he is happy to have those whose respect he seeks trashed every single day by his band of gullible, dumb, conspiracy believing, followers.

This latest example shows up his personality defect quite clearly, in a case where his own dumb, insulting claims against scientists just doing their job is given some publicity.

Update:  I should have also linked to Sou's later post, noting that Watt's has been tweeting that he's the one who has been "slimed".   He's just an idiot. With weird insecurities.

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Not Trampis said...

you do not say that his pet project actually led to lower temperatures not higher.
WUWT is merely the climate version of Catallaxy.

I might say I would find it quite boring to demolish Catallaxy each day every day as Hotwhopper does with WUWT. you do not need a million examples top show up either sheer stupidity or outright lying.