Saturday, June 27, 2015

Conspiracies considered

Why Conspiracy Theories Aren’t Harmless Fun

Not a bad article here, arguing that conspiracy-think is not the harmless, funny thing that some like to think.

Not that they get a mention in the article, but this is particularly true when it comes to the gullibility of large parts of the Muslim world, and climate change deniers.


Anonymous said...

So you're equating Islamic jihadists with climate sceptics. LOL. How is it possible that no-one reads such an authoritative blog? How about you amalgamate with the rest of the headless left trollosphere: SfB, Homer, Birdie and M0nty? You could call it: Islamic Slate.

Steve said...

"So you're equating Islamic jihadists with climate sceptics."

Um, no, you twit. You don't really deserve an explanation, but I'm feeling generous.

I have posted a few times, including quite recently, about the puzzling way conspiracies seem to take a very strong hold in Muslim countries generally. My recent post:

The point is that Muslims - whether they be jihadists or not - seem unusually prone to believing in conspiracies in which they are always the victims - of Jews, the West, etc. Who can doubt that this helps prevent the resolution of things like the Palestinian issue in any satisfactory fashion?

As for climate change deniers - strong in the belief in conspiracy, they are setting up the world for serious climate change disruption and death and displacement, the attempted limitation of which should have started 10 years ago.

Gullible belief in conspiracies - whether it be by Muslim politicians and voters, Muslims terrorists, or climate change deniers - all makes for a worse world.

Anonymous said...

So you ARE equating climate sceptics with Third World goat f***ing jihadists. You think climate sceptics believe in primitive conspiracy theories, when they believe the exact opposite: they're asking climate zombies like you to produce and document irrefutable empirical evidence for their ludicrous hypothesis, which is based, more than anything else, on an irrational post-Christian religious belief that humans are evil. You're such an uneducated simpleton, Steve, but a useful idiot for the CAGW scammers. No more junk models, no more doctored temperature records. Produce the fucking evidence.

Steve said...

Do me a favour and get back into your shed and wait for the next bit of "science" from Delingpole, goldbug Jonova and creationist Spencer, OK?