Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Go get them, Michelle

Brandis and Dutton play some dirty pool in their fight with Gillian Triggs

Michelle Grattan is unusually forthright in her condemnation of the Brandis/Dutton attack on Gillian Triggs.

The only thing I would add is this - even if Triggs had specifically said that the Abbott government boat turnback policy made it extremely unlikely that the Indonesian government would be inclined to grant Abbott a diplomatic "win" regarding the death sentence on  Chan and Sukumaran, she would have been right.  (Sure, Indonesia had granted no favours to any country in this regard, but common sense suggests that the Australian policy would have made us about the least likely government on the globe to expect a sympathetic hearing.    I can't see the big deal about admitting that.)


Not Trampis said...

the ministers are either liars of the highest order or merely terribly incompetent.

Not Trampis said...

I should add it would be easy to portray someone as a apolitical partisan by showing it in the report. The fact the government cannot do this shows up how poor their argument is as Brian Burdekin showed today.