Thursday, June 11, 2015

Money making dinosaurs

Critic Reviews for Jurassic World - Metacritic

There are sufficient positive reviews for Jurassic World to be confident it will make a lot of money.  Which is nice for (executive producer) Steven Spielberg.

I see a few reviews mention Chris Pratt favourably.  It seems to me that if Spielberg wants one last Indiana Jones outing, it might be best to do a "James Bond" and just have Pratt doing the role as if he were the original character.   Alternatively, Pratt is only 35, certainly of an age where he could be 72 year old (!) Harrison Ford's son, but Jones was still being played as much younger than Ford's age, so I am not sure about that...Or perhaps, Pratt could turn up as Jones' other, completely unknown, son.  However it's done, it would surely be commercially very, very appealing to have Pratt take a large role in an Indiana Jones movie.
The obvious symbolism of Shia LaBeouf picking up his "father's" hat at the end of Crystal Skull simply has to be ignored, given poor old Shia's descent into complete loopiness.    

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