Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Kevin Rudd disaster

Gee, watching the smarmy performance of Kevin Rudd on The Killing Season is reminding me all over again how amazing it was that he was ever popular with his party and the public.
I never liked the guy, and always considered him a shallow egocentric with a fake public persona.
His only saving grace is that he is not Tony Abbott, a more "normal" person by most psychological criteria, but a dimwit of a political windvane with a pathetic willingness to overthrow ethics and decency for the sake of political advantage, and a spectacularly bad Prime Minister as a result.
Update: Kevin is still bitter that Swan hadn't told him what had to change if he wanted to keep his job. The problem is, of course, that it's hard to tell someone they need a complete personality transplant.


Not Trampis said...

I think Rudd had a point. I know from several sourced the bloke was terrible to work for and with.
however no-one had a better understanding of how to overcome the GFC. Ironic.

I think the excuses for getting rid of him are pretty poor. For instance how come no-e asked anyone with 'internal party polling why they were so different to the public polls.

Steve said...

Homer, I have always said the obvious explanation is just that enough people simply couldn't stand his true personality on display behind closed doors. Of course the polling didn't justify it, as Rudd was saying last night. We always knew that. And of course Gillard and those in the coup couldn't initially admit the true reason, because it was embarrassing and reflected poorly on them too in that they had put up with such a private jerk for so long (and, in a way, conned the Australian public by putting him up as leader.)

Now it's true, some people claim that they never found him that bad. But the evidence of the way he lost the leadership tells another story.

The invidious position that the party put itself in by electing him as leader is why I call it the Rudd Disaster.

Not Trampis said...

no-one discovered him different when he was leader.
I have always thought the major reason fro getting rid of him was he was destroying the factions power.

you NEVER get rid of a PM in their first term. Now the second term that is different.
another irony is his instincts on climate change was far better than that of Swan, Gillard or the factional overlords.