Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What an absurd, glass jawed, posturing government we have

I was reminded on Radio National this morning that on Q&A years ago, John Howard had a shoe thrown at him, was offered immediate and sincere apologies by a clearly upset host, and he (Howard) reasssured Jones not to beat himself up about it.

Fast forward to the obnoxious Abbott government, and a posturing minor figure in it gets to tell someone that he deserves to be booted out of Australia under laws which in fact will not apply to him (assuming the reports I read are correct that the guy in question is not a duel citizen, just an Australian citizen.)    The ex-crim in question, who has appeared on other shows without the hosts being in fear that he was going to knife them live on screen, then says that this sort of talk encourages some to go join ISIS. 

Well, according to the Murdoch press, this is the biggest outrage to have ever occurred in the history of the ABC.

This government is a clown act supported by a clown press.

How do the "middle of the road" Murdoch journalists live with themselves?

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Not Trampis said...

the most ironic part Steve is that he said Ciobo's behaviour was a reason why people might be recruited to ISIL.

He could well be right.

What I find extraordinary is how anyone could think this person was putting a sympathetic view of ISIL onto the screen. Everyone seems to think this yet you have shown he is quite the opposite.

Is Davidson and Sloan doing all this 'research'?