Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Let's see.   Jeremy Clarkson is still making high school boy sniggers about "fudge" and anal sex;  Bronwyn's hair hasn't resigned yet (I suspect investigative journalists need to check whether any parliamentary allowances have gone into hairspray purchases - I don't know that the amount used would be covered by a mere Speaker's salary);  a never ending round and round again GST discussion is going on somewhere;  oh look, Helen Dale has tweeted that Bronwyn bus/copter joke but seems not to have acknowledged who came up with it first days ago; The Australian is devoting thousands of words to how Bill Shorten is supposedly in trouble and not how Abbott would lose an election now, just as he would have for the last 18 months or so;   Andrew Bolt still thinks John Cristy is the only climate scientist who is right, and reads nothing from the thousands of other scientists who explain why he is wrong;   Slate has become paywalled after too few articles;  so has the New Yorker, grrr....

All in all, things on the net seem a bit repetitious and boring recently.  

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