Thursday, July 23, 2015

ISIS and climate change

Is Martin O’Malley Right About ISIS, Climate Change, and the Syrian Civil War? - The Atlantic

A suggestion that drives conservatives into mocking meltdown is not so crazy, but I have a few comments to make:

*  it's funny how we don't always hear about dire, record breaking droughts if they are in parts of the world we don't care about;

* this part of the article makes sense:
Of course, scientists and security consultants get nervous when the media covers studies such as this one. They worry, in particular, about the impression that wars can be reduced to a single cause. (As one told The Guardian in May about the PNAS study, “I’ll  put this in a crude way: No amount of climate change is going to cause  civil violence in the state where I live (Massachusetts), or in Sweden or many other places around the world.”)
* I see that one of the most worrisome nations in the world for instability - Pakistan - has an ongoing drought issue, too.

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