Monday, July 06, 2015

Polling talk

Last week I was waiting for a Newspoll that never arrived, but now it has, along with a Fairfax poll.

In news to cheer the soul, I see that despite what was supposed to be a good recent run for the Abbott government, it is still stuck on 52/48, or worse. 

Even the Essential Report of last week, which for some reason is the slowest changing poll, seems to confirm the Greens are improving slightly under their new, less sour looking, leader, which is leaking to improved TPP vote for Labor.  

The main hope for the Coalition would seem to be that it is doing well in New South Wales, which I half expect is due to the boyish charms of their Premier who, I gather,  has managed to balance budgets due to the huge amount of stamp duty from the Sydney market falling into his Treasury.  

I have been intending to do a post about the extraordinary talking up of security crisis with last week's "Border Force" press conference, but I've been a bit busy. 


Not Trampis said...

This must be galling for the government all those questions that Bill Shorten has to answer and the RC and the the Khaki election inspired Q&A crisis and they are still dead in the water.

Still thanks to all that I watched Q&A last Monday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wi be watching again tonight but no Barnaby. What an own goal.

John said...

I concur Steve, Abbott has pulled out all the stops to try and reign in the numbers but he is making a serious error: the Big Man motif only works for a little while, it takes more than ongoing bluster and attacking all and sundry to win approval. If anything the tactics of late, including today's announcement that he has banned all cabinet ministers from Q&A, is damaging the coalition.

The big surge in Greens support is encouraging because once again the coalition has wedged itself into a corner. The population does have concerns about environmental issues, they are concerned about the housing affordability issue and Hockey's recent callous comments demonstrate an arrogance that disturbs many, the coalition has nowhere to go but down on the Gay marriage.

Happy days!