Thursday, July 23, 2015

Popular does not equate with quality

I see today that Jurassic World is now the third biggest grossing movie behind, ugh, Titanic and Avatar.

Odd, hey?   I've never finished Avatar - I lose interest after the shortest time of watching the fake blue aliens do fake flying and such.   (My mind also starts wondering about how 20th century the flying machines look.)
And as for Titanic - terrible script.  Just terrible.

Oddly enough, the success of these films is said to be about young women who became obsessed with their romantic elements.   Which is odd, given Cameron's reputation of jerk-like, uber masculine behaviour in real life.

James Cameron may be extremely rich, and has very peculiar hobbies (involving putting himself in capsules and sinking to the bottom of the deepest ocean), but there is no way his movies are going to be remembered as getting to where they are by virtue of their timeless quality.

(And as for Jurassic World - it's not an artistically important film either, but to me, getting to near the top by being merely fun is more credible than getting there by sucking in women with terrible romances.)

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Not Trampis said...

My boys love Avatar but like you I cannot get far with it before getting bored. Titanic was boring as well. I will wait to see Jurassic world.