Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Why staffers shouldn't use social media

That Jason Wilson in The Guardian wrote at length about how Lefties can't trust libertarians (rather obvious, really), but he did do us a service by linking to a site showing a twitter exchange which shows Helen Dale being upfront about the cynical use of "wind turbine sickness" by her boss to attack the wind energy sector.

Here is part of the relevant sequence:
Of course, everyone sensible knew that this is the motivating factor behind Leyonhjelm and his adviser's interest in wind turbines and infrasound.

But it's funny to see his staffer confirming it....


Not Trampis said...

Helen Dale has a history of making up things. At least in the past they were quite readable.

John said...

I looked at the infrasound issues - quickly. The nutshell is that for Helen D. and David L. to use infrasound as an argument is hopelessly inconsistent because infrasound is everywhere.

This thread of tweets is very distressing because it proves that she is still prepared to lie to advance her cause. That she states the same publicly is very surprising and as an advisor she has just made her boss an object of ridicule(yeah I know, that is already established).