Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Future oceans a worry

Climate Change Plus Irreversible Evolution Will Force Key Ocean Bacteria into Overdrive – Greg Laden's Blog

Read about this paper, showing the great uncertainty (and great potential problem) that increasing ocean acidification represents to the ecology of the future oceans.


John said...

Just a worry Steve? We are on the cusp of an ecological transformation that will be unique, global, and deadly. None of this is looking good Steve and I am not at all confident that human beings will en masse respond in time.

Anonymous said...

Girls , don't frighten each other to death.

John said...

Anonymous, I'm not afraid, not at all, I watch them all as they fall. (Given your self proclaimed genius status you should be able to reference that quote.)

It doesn't matter to me. I will be long gone before this problem becomes a huge problem. I'm gonna be dancing at the end of time(famous Scifantasy novel, see if you can reference that idiot). I want to see the beginning of it, it will be the biggest show ever on earth.