Friday, October 30, 2015

Alan loves Putin

Vladimir Putin: Global Warming 'A Fraud' | The Daily Caller

Ha.  The former IPA anti-renewables mouthpiece Alan Moran turns up at Catallaxy again noting that Putin "appears to be one world statesman willing to call the scam [global warming] for what it is".  (See link above.)

Yes, of course, Alan.  The one world stateman most noted for conducting himself with so much self interest that he makes excuses for local invasions and passenger planes being shot out of the sky and who has a lot of fossil fuels to sell would be the one I would expect to be on your side.   No big surprise, and great company you keep.


Anonymous said...


Why don't you comment at the Cat anymore. It's not as though you aren't interested in the blog. You seem to be there all the time lurking in the darkness.

Steve said...

Typical of the fantasy prone characters who inhabit the Catallaxy threads.

Steve said...

(Was referring to deleted comment.)