Thursday, October 01, 2015

Money (and a country) to burn

Whoever the heck is funding the IPA to send one of its youth workers* to Cambodia to shoot some street footage and talk platitudinous pap about free markets and entrepreneurs being wonderful must have money burning a hole in his or her large pocket.

I really fail to see the point.

And, incidentally,  I wonder what the future Cambodian business persons interviewed for 15 seconds by the IPA think of its policy of actively discouraging any governmental response to climate change?   Given that more than one body seems to think Cambodia is near top of the list of nations most likely to suffer badly as the world warms, I'm not entirely sure they would appreciate this aspect of the IPA's advocacy back in Australia. 

*  what is the average age of someone primarily employed there?  Take out Roskam and I reckon it would be lucky to be 25...

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