Friday, November 06, 2015

Please make him stop

The only good thing about Slate going behind a 5 article a month paywall (just clear your history and start again) is that it might stop you from reading another extremely silly bit of writing from the world's most irritating gay writer J. Bryan Lowder.  This one about how much he hates spooning.

Or perhaps you should read it (or, like me, just scan it and decide how embarrassingly bad it is within a couple of paragraphs) and then skip to the amusingly derisive comments.  Such as these (each is a separate comment):
This article is seriously making me reconsider being a Slate+ member. Yes, it is literally that bad of an article...

I can't tell whether this is satire or not.

I can imagine the Slate editorial meeting this morning. "Lowder! An editorial piece on my desk in fifteen minutes or else! I don't care what you write about as long as I see a text file in my inbox fifteen minutes from now, got it?"

 Not every idea one has needs to be shared, though I understand that idea is alien to millennials. And calling something like spooning "sexist" is why people stop taking accusations of sexism seriously.

Well, that was, um... ah...

 Seriously? This was green-lighted?

I finally realized what's going on:  Lowder hates Slate and everything it stands for and is trying to destroy it from the inside out.  He is SPOONING SLATE!  BRILLIANT!

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