Tuesday, December 01, 2015

OK, back to the old topic

Global - How to Save the World - Foreign Correspondent - ABC

This special last night on the ABC was well worth watching.   Things I liked in particular - the German farmers who make money from their many wind turbines and don't fantasise about infrasound;  the way the average age at the Heartland Skeptics conference looked to be about 65-70; the Kenyan villages getting into solar power electricity because you don't need heaps of infrastructure to get it there.  Good work.


Anonymous said...

Sure, steve... Carbon farming is a hugely productive exercise.

Steve said...

If you had bothered to watch it, you would know that the German farmer on the show raised pigs, and perhaps sheep, but really appreciated the steady income from the wind turbines when the price of pork fluctuated downwards.

There was also the German seaside town that now was busy building turbines for local and export use, providing lots of local employment in just the way the Greens say an aggressive push into renewables could.

It was a good show. Available to watch at the link.

Not Trampis said...

same in OX Steve especially out at Blayney in NSW