Friday, February 12, 2016

A studio's deceptive advertising?

Unlike some people, I tend to read some reviews of movies before I see them.  Hence I know that I won't be going to see Marvel's Deadpool, because it's said to be hyper-violent, sweary and have relatively strong sex scenes, even if it is of genre (funny superhero) that I sometimes like.  It has an R rating in the US and  MA15+ here, which means under 15 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.

But - the TV advertisements that have been running in Australia give absolutely no idea that it is a very adult audience film.   It is in fact so blatantly bland - giving the impression that it's just a somewhat comedic superhero who suits up like Spiderman - that I reckon it's virtually deceptive advertising.  The fact that it is from Marvel compounds the problem.  (The film is not from Disney, but how many people think it might be?)

I would say it is a near certainty that there are going to be some parents (Dads, probably) who are going to take their 10 to 14 year old sons to see this, having no idea that the content is not age appropriate.  Same thing with DVD hire (or streaming viewing) in future.

Hasn't anyone else noticed this?

Update:  I suppose the same claim could have been made to similar films like Kick-Ass, except I don't really remember any television advertisements in prime time for that film at all, and I guess the very title indicated a teen to adult audience.

Also - The Guardian writes at length about how the Deadpool character is meant to be "pansexual", yet spends the movie only having sex with his girlfriend.   I guess kids get more than their fair share of pansexuality if they watch Doctor Who, but it still might be a confusing factor for a 10 or 12 year old viewer.


Anonymous said...

I've read more than a few deadpool comics and I've never noticed this pansexuality thing. who the heck are these perverts who write for the Guardian?? he's even suggesting that Bugs Bunny is pansexual! err no, Bugs dressing in drag is just mocking not endorsing


Steve said...

To be fair to the Guardian writer, he does quote one of the creators of the character on the point, and he basically confirms the character is up for anything sexually. Maybe you've just got poor pan-dar. :)

But I agree with your Bugs Bunny point.

By the way, how did you rate last year's recycle blockbusters? (MI:Rogue Nation; Spectre, and Force Awakens?)