Saturday, February 27, 2016

Holding the candle for Tony

I can only assume that it's courtesy of former Daily Telegraph editor Paul Whittaker's taking on the top job at The Australian that it has become so firmly the National Paper of Yearning for the Return of Tony Abbott.  

Which is really pretty hilarious.   No matter how badly Turnbull may be perceived to perform, there is no way that voters are going to think the solution is to go back to gormless Tony.   I work around people pretty passionately against Labor - none of them thought Abbott was a success as a PM.   They think he was an inarticulate idiot in the role.

But it's good to see The Australian sinking further and further into negative credibility and/or irrelevance. 

Update:  as people on Twitter are saying:


Not Trampis said...

The one person who loves these 'stories' is Turnbull as it always shores up his support.

John said...

Abbott is a back bencher, his primary responsibility is to his electorate. So what the hell was he doing in Japan in the first place? He should be publicly disciplined for that recent speech. Turnbull needs to step up and slap him down. Another case of Turnbull running away.