Thursday, February 11, 2016

New CO2 removal ideas

Emissions reduction: Scrutinize CO2 removal methods : Nature News & Comment

Not a bad article here, looking at some old (and new) ideas for removing CO2.  I had missed this odd one, for example:

More recently, other, potentially more controllable, ocean-based CO2-removal techniques have been suggested, such as the cultivation of seaweed to cover up to 9% of the global ocean12
I suppose as long as it was edible varieties, it could help feed the planet too.

But all of these ideas have to work on such a massive scale, they all appear implausible, for now.

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John said...

Soil ... I saw an interview with a French soil scientist who stated the the vast bulk of stored CO2 is in the soil and that by increasing that by just .4% would constitute an enormous offset. I sent this to a friend of mine who has an MA in Ag Science and he stated the technology is readily available and not difficult to implement. We are standing on the solution.