Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars not worth my consideration

I'd be slightly worried that it might be a sign of old age that it seems that each year, the Oscars have become less relevant than the year before to the type of movies I actually want to see, were it not for the fact that the badly declining ratings for the show indicate I am far from alone.

I mean, the movies which probably got the biggest pre and post release publicity (Force Awakens, and perhaps Spectre) are of no real interest to the Academy, it seems. 

But I did see Bridge of Spies, which was OK, if a tad underwhelming, so I should still watch it for a glimpse of my directorial hero and his wife.

Actually, I do want to see Spotlight, too.  And that adult stop motion mid life crisis story Anomalisa, which (strangely) is being shown at a brisbane  art-house cinema once a day at lunchtime.   Perhaps that should be another Google Play rent...

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