Saturday, March 12, 2016


Had a beer here this afternoon.  it's The Charming Squire, the James Squire pub in a corner of the Brisbane Convention Centre, opposite South Bank, and it's ridiculously, incredibly, popular.

 The James Squire range of beers is reliably good: it's the craft beer-ish style beer you have when you aren't really in a craft beer pub.  I've been to this pub a few times, and I would love to see how much money they bank each day. 

The company could surely not be more pleased with how it's going.


TimT said...

I'm pretty sure James Squire was always owned by CUB - the range they bought out to have an early presence in changing beer trends in Australia in the 90s. In spite of craft beer prejudices against CUB (and often for good reason - they're far more successful at closing down competing brewers than making their own range interesting) the JS beers are quite pleasant and have their place in the craft beer scene, IMO. Even so these days I tend to avoid them; one very good reason being I tend to find them in CUB-controlled pubs, and CUB have this habit of only having their bland megabrews on tap in those pubs - when the most adventurous option is James Squire then, I'm sorry, but I can have better adventures elsewhere.

Steve said...

At The Charming Squire, James Squire is the only beer you can get. (They have one made on site, too.)

I take your point about them being part of the big corporate beer world, but at least it pleases me hat, if I am in a CUB controlled pub with mostly their bland stuff on tap, I increasingly find that they will also have one or two of the (much more interesting) James Squire range on tap, too.